GameSir G6 Mobile Gamepad

GameSir G6 Mobile Gamepad with L1 and R1 trigger Control. Wireless Bluetooth 3D Joystick with  G-Touch Technology. For IOS and Android. Supports all first person and third person shooter games.


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1:GameSir G6 is a controller developed specifically for mobile games that combines controller and touch screen controls. You can use the left controller to do combo attacks while focusing on the precise aiming on the right touch screen.

2:The professional layout of 10 configurable buttons and 1 ultra-thin 3D joystick enables optimal combination control of movement, aiming, jumping and shooting in FPS games, or movement and combo attacks in MOBA games.

3:Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection which features high sensitivity and low latency. Indulge in exceptional gaming experience without the hassle of cables.

4:GameSir G6 features G-Touch technology that supports iOS native games.

5:The L1, L2 and R1 trigger buttons are micro switches which enable up to 3 million keystroke lifespan.

6:Featuring Nordic 52832 chip with 3mAh ultra-low power consumption and up to 80 hours of running time.

7:With a two-stage retractable structure design, the mobile phone can be stuck more stably without shaking.

8:Able to charge or use earphone while playing.


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