Scuf Prestige Green

The SCUF Prestige Controllers, the best Gaming controllers for Xbox One, PC and Mobile (Android)


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SCUF controllers are designed to optimize the use of fingers and reduce response times.

Bearing in mind the ergonomics , comfort and safety of the hands, Scuf meticulously selects its materials to reduce weight and prolong your playing sessions.

With 267 grams , the lightweight design of the SCUF Prestige controller helps reduce hand fatigue, making it one of the most powerful and lightest controllers available on Xbox.

Reinvent video games with the SCUF Prestige Controller 
All Scuf Prestige controllers directly have the remappable pallet system SCUF Gaming .

We have already known for years that the addition of functions on the back of the controller is a determining factor for competitive players! Scuf Prestige
controllers include 4 pallets can be combined with 14 functions of the controller!

A completely new Triggers Stop system!
Activate this feature on the fly for an immediate reduction in the trigger stroke . You then save decisive seconds to lead your team to victory!

Ideal for shooting games to reduce shooting latency.

You also keep the possibility of adjusting your trigger stroke yourself as on previous versions of Triggers Stop Scuf Gaming .


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